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Storage Room Deals

Our storage room is getting full of instruments that we bought to eventually have refurbished or repaired.  Many of these are in working condition but are not quite what we want to post on our main pages.  

These instruments have not been professionally repaired or cleaned.  They have been wiped down, mouthpiece disinfected, and play tested.  Instruments are in working condition and do play, unless otherwise noted.  

These instruments usually will need some repair/maintenance in the upcoming year or so.  We have done our best to describe the condition of the instrument and included lots of pictures.  

We tend to go a little overboard on repairs on our main page instruments.  We often overhaul/repad instruments just to make sure you have a quality instrument that is likely to last all of the way through school for a student.  Our "storage room deals" allow you to get a low cost working instrument, and then control what repairs you want to make in the future.

Please remember that these are low cost instruments that likely will need some professional attention within a year or two.  Instruments are guaranteed to play upon purchase (unless otherwise noted), but no additional guarantees/warranties after that.