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Selmer Signet Special Clarinet - Repairable

Selmer Signet Special Clarinet - Repairable


Selmer Signet Special Clarinets were the standard step up instrument for student clarinets in many programs for many years.  These quality wooden clarinets are excellent instruments.  The wood on these instruments in beautiful with either a reddish brown or black color.  We have several with the wood and keys in great shape, but they do need some attention.  We normally have these re-padded and re-corked to put them in "like new" condition.  You can get one before we repair it and decide how much work you would like to have done to it.  These DO NOT play, and need work.

See one you like and want us to get it ready for you?

We will get the instrument professionally repaded, recorked, and cleaned. Then add our accessory kit which includes a new mouthpiece, ligature, oils, swab, and 2 reeds.  You can also choose any of our new instock clarinet cases.  This will give you a "like new" instrument that new costs $1300+, all for $425.00.  (2-3 weeks for delivery)


Selmer Signet line came in three models.  

100 was the base student line wooden clarinet.  These are a still a vast improvement over today's "plastic" clarinets.

The Special used nicer wood, and extra care was given to both the keywork and the wood work on the instrument.

The Soloist model used the nicest wood and a craftsman spent additional time making sure the instrument met the highest quality.