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Marching Lyres & Flip Folders

Marching Lyres & Flip Folders


Clarinet Lyre with ring receiver - improved performance of clamp on lyres - fits nearly all clarinets - Nickel Plated

Alto/Tenor Sax Regular - .144" Square stem with slight bend 
Alto/Tenor Sax Large - Fits saxes with larger lyre opening

Trumpet Bent Stem Regular - Fits most trumpets in the 3rd ring slide receiver
Trumpet Bent Stem Large - Fits trumpets with a larger 3rd ring receiver or an additional larger lyre receiver
Trumpet Straight Stem - Fits trumpets and other brass with a separate vertical lyre receiver - ????inch stem


We mostly carry Selmer and American Plating Company lyres. These are quality lyres that are made in America.
Our Snare, Flute, Clamp-on Trumpet, Clamp-on Trombone, and Marching Bass Drum folio/lyre combos are made by DEG.
Our flip folders, extra pages, and extra rings are made by Trophy.