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Neck Straps

Neck Straps


Alto Sax 1" Strap (one inch wide basic neck strap for alto saxes) comes with a rubber coated metal hook for durability and for small neck strap hook openings.  Some prefer this strap with the plastic hook instead.  Both of these straps are basic straps that work.


Quad N Alto/Tenor Sax Strap/harness -  this is our own strap that we designed with help from a local seamstress and leather worker.  This strap is a healthier alternative to the basic strap because it doesn't pull on the neck, but rests on the shoulders of the player.  Our owner is a percussionist, and the design came from an attempt to mimic a marching percussion harness to work for sax players.  The upper part of the strap is available in black leather, tan leather, or a synthetic material.  Neck straps can be customized as well, just contact us for a quote.    We are working on a bari sax and bass clarinet version as well.


Neoprene/padded Sax Strap - these are available through us, but we do not recommend them.  From our experience, they tend to irritate student skin, move around while playing to promote good embouchure development, pull hair, and seem to break down quickly.