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Sue's Dance Rehearsal Photos - Digital Gallery

Sue's Dance Rehearsal Photos - Digital Gallery


Select a dance from the list, add it to your cart, and then check out.  We will photograph that dance at recital rehearsal on June 2nd.

You will receive a digital gallery of the "keeper" images that we capture from that dance.  Those images will have a small corner watermark (nothing across the middle).  You will be able to download, share, and print those images up to 8x10 in size (print release will be specific to the person ordering).  We would anticipate approximately 20 keeper images per minute of dance.   For group dances, we will do our best to get good pictures of all of the dancers, but can't guarantee that due to where they may be on the stage. 

Collages and larger sized images may also be purchased later on.

These must be purchased by 7pm on June 1st.   

We are NOT photographing every dance. Only the purchased dances.  We will not be posting public galleries from the recital either, just the private digital galleries that we will email you a link to.     Those galleries should be available on June 5th.