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Tuning your instrument is extremely important and we have several options for you.

Snark SN-2 All Instrument Clip-On Chromatic Tuner (list price $39.99)
This is our favorite tuner!  Works with either the internal mic, or with the vibration sensor.  Clip it on your instrument and it will sense the vibration to see if you are in tune or not.  You can even use this while playing next to someone!  

  • Full Color Display rotates 360 degrees
  • “Stay put” clip
  • Tap Tempo Metronome
  • Transpose Feature
  • Pitch Calibration (415-466Hz)
  • High Sensitivity Vibration Sensor
  • Features extended frequency range for all instruments
  • Choose internal mic or vibration sensor

Tascam TC-1S - portable and solar powered tuner in a variety of colors  (list price $39.99
The TC-1S chromatic tuner has a built-in microphone as well as a 1/4" input for guitar and bass tuning. Its lightning-fast pitch detection is displayed on a wide bar graph display for instant feedback. Four display modes are available, including fine pitch display for 1-cent accuracy and strobe tuning animation. The tuner can be calibrated to an external source such as a piano or other hard-to-tune instrument.

The TC-1S charges its battery via a USB input or from a built-in bank of solar cells on the front panel allowing 6 hours of continuous use or an amazing 7 years of standby charge in darkness. It's wrapped in a shock-proof silicone cover that's available in multiple colors and keeps the Solar Tuner protected.

Included with the TC-1S is a nylon strap and clip. Snap it to your guitar or bass gig bag and it will stay charged all the time.

Tascam TC-8 Chromatic Tuner/Metronome (list price $79.99)
Are you ready for something a little more advanced?  

The TC-8 from TASCAM is the ideal tuner and metronome for educators, students and professionals. The chromatic tuner features a fast detection chip and 5" wide, backlit LCD display for instant pitch feedback. Four display modes are available for the clearest display. The tuner can be calibrated to a piano or other installed source, and eight tuning modes include historic and alternate tuning modes for period instruments. An oscillator plays through a built-in speaker for groups or classes.

In addition to features for guitarists, the TG-7 acts as a desktop metronome. The metronome ranges from 30 to 300 BPM with seven accent values, played through a built-in speaker. The LCD also conducts the beat for visual feedback, and Tap Tempo is available for finding the metronome value of your own music. A flip-out stand, music stand clip and tripod mount offer other mounting options.

With its quick pitch detection and large display, tuner/metronomes don't get any better than the TC-8.